This is a duo of a man, a woman and possible off spring amidst their union.
“The bond is a cultural value amidst people’s value to appreciate the gift of a duo between a man and a woman”.

Family porosity has left devastating consequences on the generation next that they are influenced by their own destruction from influenced terror movies and horror movies.

Parents have mostly lost control on ability to govern their off spring as a result of alien laws taking away their power of discipline.

Serial Norms

  • To discipline is to correct and put in check
  • To control is to direct and put in sequence
  • To mandate is a corrupt motive to discipline.

1. Bill of Parents Outlaw.

This contains 5 element of practise

(a) Parents Children Care Practise (PCCP) Is a one year diploma course.

Parents are meant to undergo with intent to obtaining a certificate in PCCP.

On completion of the course, parents are allowed to apply for Parents Enactment Order (PEO) license which the license grants parents the power to discipline their children.

The essence of the course is to guide parents on Child Care Management by eliminating any misconception and forum that may arise in the ability to discipline hence eliminate torture and abuse.

b) Family Compromise Order (FCO).

This order is a permit license that gives couples and partners either a man or a woman the right to give their word of attestation to the police in case of conflict.

“The FCO license depowers the police and the alleged victim power to evict the alleged culprit” in case of immediate complain”.

False allegation is mostly used by either couple to falsely evict their partners unknowingly the police takes side rendering the alleged culprit homeless prior to finding solution to allege complain.

Hence the FCO licence normally to be obtained from magistrates court without having to go before a Judge but by just applying for the license empowers the party who is less privileged and prior to abuse of eviction by the other.

(c) Couple Equality Permit (CEP)

The CEP license permits either the male or female amidst the relationship to register their equality rights to their property of residence.

Hence in case of conflict both have rights of compromise to live in same property like tenants whether rented, mortgage, council or direct ownership.

This permit can also be applied for in the Magistrates’ Court and in front of a judge once the other party suspects future conflict and to guide against unlawful eviction.

(d) Family Stock Permit

This kind of license will usually be applied for in the Magistrates Court Administrative Office.

“The FSP license allows the registrant to indicate interest of ownership to joint property used within the house hold”.

To obtain the FSP license, the registrant will usually have to prove evidence of ownership through receipt or inheritance.

In case of conflict he or she will not lose any properties of theirs within the family prior to before and after the conflict.

The FSP is a risk assurance of property safety within conflict.

(e) Stock Converter

2. Children Penitentiary Correctional Centre (CPCC)

3. Children Adhoc Care Home (CACH)